1 Indie Nation Episode 139 14th Year Anniversary!

Greetings! Love bunnies its my 14th year anniversary! So I am celebrating tonight by making a playlist of indie, rock, and alternative.. I hope you enjoy. Played some new and old. Summer is almost coming to an end. But not soon enough. Though I love these summer nights that are a bit chilly now. No tracklisting. if you really like the track I will try and see which one I played if you ask nicely. ;) Feel free to donate to the podcast to my venmo. @rachaeldepp thanks a bunch bunnies. Thank you for taking the time out of your day or night or twilight to listen and be productive, drive, or just be a lazy bum and vege out to my tunes. I love you all. unconditionally. New or old, my subscribers are the best. You all are worthy of hearing GOOD MUSIC. I may not always record on time or but you are always on my mind. Seriously. I remember my listeners through out the years and appreciate any feedback and support you may have given me. This podcast is my rock. Keeps me grounded... and the music is a celebration of life. And everyday is a celebration.

Love Always,

Rachael Depp xoxo

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Posted: Tue, 31 Aug 2021

1 Indie Nation Episode 138 In The Cut

Greetings summer love bunnies! Hope you are enjoying this summer heat! I know I am not. I am ready for fall and winter. My favorite seasons of the year. I need to move to a cooler climate. I don't know how much longer I can take this sweltering heat. Anyways! I hope you enjoy this HIP HOP mix by DJ Excel from PHILLY to LA. Skatch Makaniks Crew. 

No Tracklisting.

Gritty, Grimey Hip Hop for you!

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Love you mucho, 

Rachael Depp xo

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Posted: Sat, 10 Jul 2021

1 Indie Nation Episode 137 Lockdown Gratitude

Hi Greetings from LA! Welcome back to my show! Tonights episode is featuring an exclusive mix from Oakland's very own THE BIG LA aka Todd  Kelley. He has been a guest on my show numerous times. He plays beats, soul and hip hop and whatever he feels at the moment in this mix. THE BIG LA is a Media Designer. Video Editor. Motion Graphics Specialist. Boom Bap Producer. Syndicated DJ. Script & Fiction Writer. All those things, Bro. You can find him on twitter, @toddkelley. https://www.liinks.co/toddkelley


Cookie Jar – The Hype Sa Roc – Forever Kallitechnis – Time Keem The Cipher – Alpha Ravyn Lenae – The Night Song Clear Soul Forces – Hit Me Now Dj Gumba + Erick Sermon – Chill Freestyle 2019 Shuko – Autumn 96 Barney Artist – Return Of The Real Timt – Let Me Luv U John Robinson – Executive Stats Masta Ace Marco Polo - Breukelen Brooklyn Feat Smif N Wessun Berhana – Wildin Ian Ewing – Luvnyou Tim Atlas – Color World Leven Kali – Smile Miraa May – Make Room Joy Crookes – Bad Feeling Dusty Ohms – Glass Of Algarve Sun J Robb – Bentley Truck


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Love you all so much xo

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Wed, 26 May 2021

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