1 Indie Nation Episode 109 Chill The F Out

Greetings Spring Bunnies!!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of Rachael Depp! Today's show is called, "Chill the "F" out" Episode 109. Featuring beats by Producer & Developer, Homer Gaines // Developer by day, maker of music by night, Homer has been producing beats and composing scores for independent film projects since the early 90s. Finding inspiration in many genres, his music is cinematic with an ambient mix of rhythmic undertones and driving beats that flood the environment and become the backdrop for every mood.   Tracklist:   !. Monday Afternoon 2. She's Cool 3. What She Said 4. Drift 5. How Did We Get Here 6. Bonsai 7. Pheromone Bliss Mix 8. Saturday Morning 9. Chill Session     Tracks   These tracks either were or are currently on the radio   Unreleased projects that will be on my next EP "Synesthesia" Links   APPS:   TikTOk, Robinhood, Swoot, and 1indienation   Download the 1indienation iPhone app in iTunes app store or Amazon App Market for Android.   Get your 1indienation Podcast tee shirt here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/1indienation/

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Posted: Fri, 03 May 2019

1 Indie Nation Episode 108 Lorrakon

Greetings Bunnies! It is spring time! Bees and Butterflies are floating around now...  Today's episode 108 is a featured show of singer/songwriter, LORRAKON. Lorrakon is Lawrence Alarcon, a singer/songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. His music has been described as Baroque Pop, and Alternative Indie. Entering the indie music scene in 2018. LORRAKON has released 3 singles, along with a B- side for each track. LORRAKON is currently working on his debut full length album.


  1. Rize - LORRAKON
  2. Lost Boyz - LORRAKON
  3. Broken Man - LORRAKON
  4. Wasted Life - LORRAKON








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Rachael Depp xo

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Posted: Mon, 18 Mar 2019

1 Indie Nation Episode 107 House is a Feeling

Greetings Lover Bunnies!!!! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Tonight's episode 107, HOUSE IS A FEELING, is a house music mix featuring DJ RICH KIRBY // UK/ AUS.

Rich Kirby has been professionally DJing in The UK in Cambridge, London & Brighton, where he has lived for the last 10 years running successful club nights at Audio (Patterns), Riki Tik & summer beach parties on the terrace at Fortune of War. Career Highlights include DJing NYE in the British Airways i360 pod, second only to play here to local & international legend Fatboy Slim.

His style is unique, drawing early influences from Progressive House, undertones that hint of his love of Soul, Hip Hop, UK Garage & R&B, and the backbone of Deep Upfront House music.

With 18 years in the industry Rich is Immigrating permanantly to Australia this year to continue and progress his DJ career.

NO TRACKLIST!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: Thu, 14 Feb 2019

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