1 Indie Nation Episode 115 Fock you, Cupid!

Greetings emo love bunnies! F*ck you, Cupid! is episode 115. A mix of some emo tracks for this Valentine's day. I know some people dread this day of the year so much and it can be difficult to be alone or forever alone but I got you! You can be my Valentine! This mix is a bit ironic for me, because I am happy to have a Valentine this year. Though I have spent many years single with none and I know the feeling. Wishing someone had sent me flowers and chocolate to my work and things of that nature. Oh, to have someone buy you a giant oversized teddy bear and put rose pedals on the bed. I am a sappy romantic. tee hee. I am sending you all hugs and kisses because I love my bunnies so much. Thank you for listening and subscribing. Muah! Always makes my day when someone has told me they enjoyed the show. Whether it be just the mix or the talking. Either way it's all good. I do it for you. I enjoy it. I thought about putting the playlist but I think I will just put it on my spotify. If you want to see whats on there find my list under 1in emo - 1indienation profile ;) Making you work a lil! I need to add the last track i posted last minute. One of my faves. And just remember when one door closes, another one opens. Things will get better I promise. Just believe. And never, ever give up. I don't care how old you are, there is someone out there looking for you. Who will like you for you. Exactly as you are. I like you no matter what. Know that I will be here for you.

Love & Kisses,

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Fri, 14 Feb 2020

1 Indie Nation Episode 114 Happy Indie 2020

Greetings love bunnies! Happy New Year! It's 2020! Yay! We made it. Through all our ups and downs. We still here. And ready for this new decade. Let's do this proper! Kicking it off with some indie rock of some of my faves of the last year. Here's a playlist I made myself. Hope you enjoy. My poor mic has been through a lot as well. Think I might need to get a new one. It recorded low. I dropped it recently and I think it affected it. Whoops. Bare with me! You came for the music anyways, right? All good. If you would like to submit music or a mix to my show email me at 1indienation at gmail dot com. Or find me on Instagram @1indienation or Twitter, @Rachael. You can follow me on FB if you want. I have a group page and fb page for 1indienation podcast! :)

APPS: Whisk, LOA toolbox, Meetup, Disney+, Davids Disposable, Backpack Studio.


1. Bloxx - Novocain

2. Ratboy - Laidback

3.Kenna - Say Goodbye to Love

4. Island - Try

5. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Neon Rust

6. Catfish and the Bottlemen - 7

7. JAWS - The Ceiling

8. JAWS - Stay in

9. Viola Beach - Call you Up

10. Sea Girls - All I want to hear you say

11. The Big Pink - Dominos

12. White Lies - Don't want to feel it all



Love Always,

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Wed, 08 Jan 2020

1 Indie Nation Episode 113 Merry Birthday to Me

Greetings Love bunnies! Winter is among us! Yay! Where is my cuddle bunny?! ;) I dropped my mic. In the closet so I think I might need to get a new one. I noticed it sounded it a bit off on playback. My bad. It is old and now poor thing is on its last limb. So if you think it's your headphones acting up it's prolly just my mic. Here is a funk, dance and oldskool mix by DJ Excel. Philly, LA. Djexcel.com @djexcel on instagram and twitter. There is no tracklisting!

If you would like to venmo me a gift for my birthday that would be awesome! @rachaeldepp or even just subscribing to the show or letting someone you know ... know about it. Share the wealth! Download the app in the app store.

Merry Christmas bunnies! I love you all so dearly. Hope the holidays are truly magical to each and every one of you. xo

Keep the dream alive. Everyday is a Celebration.

Love Always, Rachael Depp

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Posted: Wed, 04 Dec 2019

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