1 Indie Nation Episode 113 Merry Birthday to Me

Greetings Love bunnies! Winter is among us! Yay! Where is my cuddle bunny?! ;) I dropped my mic. In the closet so I think I might need to get a new one. I noticed it sounded it a bit off on playback. My bad. It is old and now poor thing is on its last limb. So if you think it's your headphones acting up it's prolly just my mic. Here is a funk, dance and oldskool mix by DJ Excel. Philly, LA. Djexcel.com @djexcel on instagram and twitter. There is no tracklisting!

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Merry Christmas bunnies! I love you all so dearly. Hope the holidays are truly magical to each and every one of you. xo

Keep the dream alive. Everyday is a Celebration.

Love Always, Rachael Depp

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Posted: Wed, 04 Dec 2019

1 Indie Nation Episode 112 Pumpkins & Cream

Greetings Lover Bunnies! Happy Fall! Finally! YAY! Time for cozy sweaters and slippers! haha. Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween. I would love to see your costume. This mix is called Pumpkins and Cream. Episode 112. Anyone get the reference? ;) It is a mix of indie rock songs I have been feeling for like a year or so. Sorry I took forever to make this mix. But now you have it. Better late than never is the motto I guess I go for on my podcast. haha. Procrastinator over here. Thank you for being supportive and listening to my show. I appreciate all of you. Even if someone of you hate me. I love you even more! jk I hate you too. :P Anyways here's the tracklist.


1. Blossoms - Honey Sweet

2. Monks - Sundried

3. Rejje Snow 23 Featuring Caroline Smith

4. Ten Tonnes - Lucy

5. The Hunna - Babe, Can I Call?

6. The Night Cafe - Endless Lovers

7. Kasabian - You're in Love with a Psycho

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Love you xoxo,

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Sun, 13 Oct 2019

1 Indie Nation Episode 111 The Insomnia Mix 2019

Greetings!!!! Summer is basically over! Thank goodness! Bring on the basic bitch pumpkin spice everything. ;) But what isn't basic is this mix. RNB and HipHop mix for your insomnia asses! This episode 111 is featuring a veteran on the 1indienation Podcast, The Big LA aka Todd Kelley / Oakland, CA. This is definitely a chill ass mix. You know me and my love for chill mixes! Bring it. I have a bit of bronchitis lingering on and my voice is scratchy and stuffy. But I hope you can look past that. Or hear past or whatever. LOL. I'm totally looking forward to halloween :P Are you? What would you like to hear on the show? Email me. 1indienation at gmail dot com Or if you want to submit a mix or track. Feel free to do so. Thank you.



Hot Air Balloons – Tank And The Bangaz + Alex Isley

Gardens – AYLØ + Tau Benah + Chris Generalz

How You Feel – n SWSH

Make Me Feel – Marbro Lite + Sandra Banger

JFLA – Sally

Her Love – Common + Daniel Caesar

Magic – Mr. Jukes

One – Cleo Sol

Laying Awake – Lazee

I Can Do Better – Joya Mooi + Pink Oculus

Fire – Princess Freesia + SoulPersona

Good Time – Erika de Casier

Inside Out – FloFilz + Biig Piig

Hone$ty – Kallitechnis

Where you can find TODD KELLEY around the web.


@toddkelley on Twitter and Instagram

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Love you guys!

Thanks for supporting good music!!!!


Rachael Depp

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Posted: Sat, 07 Sep 2019

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