1 Indie Nation Episode 120 Hollywood StreetWalkers

Greetings ROCK BUNNIES! I have something special up my sleeve for you today! An exclusive interview and live recorded set from the up and coming rock band, HOLLYWOOD STREETWALKERS // Hollywood, CA. I interview guitarist, Christian and singer, Ari with special call in from drummer, songwriter Cannon. Good times ensue for sure! You can check out their website http://thehollywoodstreetwalkers.com for band merchandise and to keep up with the band and also follow them on instagram @hollywoodstreetwalkers. I play two tracks of theirs. Listen to the interview for all the goodies and to hear the latest track they are working on.


Black Corvette - Hollywood StreetWalkers

Slide 'Em Off - Hollywood StreetWalkers

special shout out to the Hollywood Streetwalkers for letting me interview them on the 1 Indie Nation Podcast. You guys rock, indeed!

Stay tuned for more in this space about them and Support indie artists and local bands by buying their music on ITUNES and whereever you buy music. Love you! xo

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Thu, 18 Jun 2020

1 Indie Nation Episode 119 DATPALMTREE

Greetings! How are you my summer time bunnies! Love this weather. June Gloom is my bag baby! lol. I have an amazing mix for you by DJ DAT PALMTREE // Paris, France.

DATPALMTREE šŸŒ“ draws his inspiration from Ethnic, African, Tribal and exotic vibes but above all from the tones of Moroccan culture, his country of origin, by renewing the magic of traditional voices and instruments. The thrilling sounds of DATPALMTREE will take you on a journey through unique sounds and rhythms tinged with deep and tech house creating positive vibrations against the backdrop of melodic stories.

After Marrakech and Montreal, DATPALMTREE is emerging on the Parisian tech scene. Also a producer, DATPALMTREE composes sounds with his musical inspirations, the result of several years of travelling from Tulum, Essaouira through Reunion Island and Mauritius. More to come...



@datpalmtreeĀ  INSTAGRAM

No tracklisting!

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Love you xo

Rachael Depp

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Posted: Thu, 18 Jun 2020

1 Indie Nation Episode 118 Deep House From Paris

Greetings spring bunnies! Love to love you baby! Here is an exclusive mix from France DJ Grasssss. He is a mystery for now.. He said he will provide info later. I have been asking him for weeks! Ugh. LOL!Ā  Enjoy the tunes for now.. He spins underground House music. Keep it underground house heads! :)Ā 

I hope you have been listening to my older episodes during the quarantine. I know lockdown can be full of crazy emotions . Music is the answer and always is. Music is therapy. GOOD MUSIC FOR GOOD PEOPLE! ;)

DM me for my only fans info.

Tracklisting hopefully soon! :P

Love you xo


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Posted: Wed, 13 May 2020

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