1 Indie Nation Episode 94 What is Reggae?

Greetings Bunnies! March is here! Spring is almost upon us! Thank god. My fave time of year. In LA this winter we had so much rain this season, it will be nice to have our bright, sunny days back! This episode of the 1ndienation podcast features a classic reggae mix from DJ EXCEL / Philly, LA. You can get more info and mixes on his website http://djexcel.com Follow him on Twitter @djexcel Follow him on instagram @excelagram I am not sure if he has snapchat! Ask him! ;) haha.

Topics: Travel Ban, Immigration. Miitomo App, Nintendo Switch, Bodybuilding.com (rachdepp) Snapchat - Spectacles for sale.

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Love you, xox Rachael


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Posted: Mon, 06 Mar 2017

1 Indie Nation Episode 93 Not A Lost Cause

Greetings Bunnies!!!! Hop Hop Hop. Here is a surprise mix from me! It is unusual I post a mix so fast. But this is long over due and I thought it fits in perfectly with my mood after the election. Please be safe. Love will conquer. Things are going to be Okay. This is a personally selected mixtape by yours truly. Hope you enjoy. xo


Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield

100 - The Controls

Who is it? - Bjork - Rahzel

Lost Cause - Diamond District

Whatcha see is whatcha get- Dramatics

Latch featuring Sam Smith (Dj Premier Mix) - Disclosure

Choices Featuring D'Nea Davenport & Bobbi Humphrey - Guru

The World is Yours - Ty Taylor

A Change is gonna come - Same Cooke

Don't make me over - Sybil

Give it to me - Melanie Fiona

Life on Mars? - Trey Songz

Au clair de la lune - Mc Solaar

Beach in Hawaii featuring Rachael Depp - Ziggy Marley (COVER SONG)



*hugs & kisses* <3

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Posted: Thu, 10 Nov 2016

1 Indie Nation Episode 92 Election Day Mix

Greetings Love Bunnies! Thank you for tuning into the wonderful world of the 1 Indie Nation Podcast! Today is election day here in the US of A. Hope you got a chance to VOTE! I did! Bright and early! Cast in my ballot. I am a proud American. :) Here is a mix by Oakland DJ the Big LA aka Todd Kelley. It is full of instrumentals, experimental hip hop and breaks. Enjoy.


Dutchmassive – Lamb's Bread Aflo –a da gethit JA:KOVA – Oanz4karl LoopMaffia – Levitate Pete Range - April's Promise Jünger – parking lot ecosystem ηoM∩D – Ely Doesn't Lie Galimatias - Dahlia Petals Dysflow x Öster – Black Hole BKND – Alluring Lines Bonucci – itsu (pt. i & ii) foisey. – {Ayo}Eskoo.Me,Miss Freddy Finger – Cosmic Nite Jack Vogt – Noface Fate. – Bloom DOC Mastermind – L.I.F.E (LoveIsFakE) Doris & Kelly – You Don't Have To Worry (Guts Remix) dtunez – e.tunez Madbliss – Lust aso - Golden as Honey Jeremy Ian Thomas – SonSet Big La vs. Todd – N2U

Visit The Big LA aka Todd Kelley at his website; http://todd.digital

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Posted: Tue, 08 Nov 2016

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